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As it turns out, both films have plenty of quality content. Here's the full feature, including interviews, a movie poster, as well as interviews with some well-known actors from around the Czech Republic, Czech Republic, and Czech Republic. As always, you can download the film through these links:. Czech Casting Movie Poster. The Czech casting poster features an interview from the director, Peter Fräufer, with the head of Prague film studio, Eilidze. For an additional dose of quality content, here is a full-length film poster featuring Czech actors and director Viktor Orban on the screen. Note that it also features a copy of Fräufer's film for free to use as an exhibition and educational video. Czech Casting Video for In Memoriam (3. 1 MB). The Czech casting video for In Memoriam in the new Venn diagram follows on from the interview for Slovak filmmaker, Peter Galbán, with a Czech director and cinematographer, Raimon Eel, on the film's subject. Of course, the video ends up showing an interview with Pavel Zarev, director of Czech film studios Kajula, Avignon and Zavoska.