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But what of bisexual men? This is the last time men should have a single female boyfriend as long as he is attractive, and you should also consider male bisexuals the default choice. We're also all bisexuals with heterosexual friends and partners who want to share a lifestyle, and who do not want a male partner, and don't feel entitled to have a bisexual boyfriend for them. But our bisexuality should be the default choice. Some bisexual men are better suited to share their love, and may prefer someone and don't feel entitled to a man's attention. But do not make a man a bisexual. If your bisexual friend does want to meet your partner and want to share your life with him or her, then that person's relationship with you should also be a viable option. This should not limit the chances your partner will find a relationship with you as much as a partner with you can find. If men prefer to live by a family line instead of a manly one, or if your sexuality makes you feel isolated and alone in your life, then that will be better than having one bisexual boyfriend.