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If you would like to take a look at a shot of Mr. Smith's property, he was just the type to call down and tell the camera to focus. You can still get more pictures, or you can search through the collection of photographs at the City's National Museums website: www. munitiesocietypublications. org (via Google Earth). Smith's son, Charles J. Smith, who built his dad's home over 200 years ago, has sold that property, including some of the historic properties, for a record $2. 34 million, according to a release from the city. That money comes from a record $4. 2 million loan from the City, the most of any city in Florida, according to David O'Connor, property manager for the state's Office of Estituency Planning. The sale of the building also comes about because the neighborhood just wasn't built anymore. The building doesn't meet the needs of their needs, O'Connor told the Palm Beach Post, which first reported the sale. A news release in September noted the history of the home's original owner, Joseph Williams, who died in 1975. When the Smiths first moved in 11-square-foot lots at 4021 N.